The Kingsley Armoury is a craftsman shop where we create re-enactment, cosplay, martial arts, and outdoors gear. This can include suits of armour, shields, weapons, knives, belts, satchels, sporrans or gear harnesses.

We are armourers, general leather-workers, knife makers, miracle workers, movers and shakers, laser builders, martial artists, and importers.  We are not cobblers, tailors, politicians (though we do have opinions), upholsterers or saddlers. We make premium products out of premium materials designed to last a long time.  This means we avoid cosplay that is weak and fragile, but do not avoid cosplay.  It also means we are not designer purse makers (those guys use a lot of vinyl anyways), but we have repaired many of them.  We do cool well. Really cool better.  And we are awesome at making the awesome. Don’t believe us? Come and check us out.

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